Allergy Elimination (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques)

“My allergies made my life very miserable. I was extremely congested most of the time and had much difficulty breathing. I tried avoiding the outdoors as much as possible during the spring and summer, but I love being outside so it was very difficult. My alleries how are much, much better since I began treatment. I haven’t been congested since the first week of being treated. I don’t take any medication, and can enjoy life outdoors. I am grateful to have met Dr. Gantt and for the improvement in the quality of my life that he has given me.”

– Chris O. 06-09-05



by Dr. Roc Gantt

“Life is full of surprises. And, like patients, they come in many different sizes, shapes and colors. Who would think a guy growing up in Wyoming, working on his grandparent’s ranch in the summers would end up being a doctor of oriental medicine? Ha!

Maybe it was the two years of living in Saigon, Vietnam with my father, who was in charge of all reconstruction in that country. Or, maybe the Chinese acupuncturist in Palm Springs who fixed the sports injury to my neck and shoulder while I was in college: I had been in pain 24 hours a day and sitting on the side lines. Then again, it may have started as a child of 10 when I would rub my dad’s neck and shoulder when he would get one of those weekly migraines that would incapacitate him. He would call me “Dr. Gantt”, and smile with less pain.

In Junior College I switched from pre-law to nutrition, and yes, there was a reason for this. I began to discover ways to improve my health by talking to and visiting old masters of health at that time: Dr. Bernard Jensen, who told me, “purpose is what one lives for”. Jack LaLane said, “Motivation is the key”. The motto of Gypsy Boots is “east health, live healthy and don’t stop living”. Hanna Croger says, “Laughter is the key to happiness and happiness is the key to long life”.

My personal observation has demonstrated to me that there is no school better than the School of Life. If you want to know something - especially about your patients - just ask them. They know. This is especially true about our bodies. Who knows the body better than the one who lives in it?”